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Career-Ready Testimonials

Are we ready to graduate? Yes, we are. Read student alumni testimonials below. For more recommendations from students and industry collaborators, visit Jenny’s LinkedIn profile.

Career-Ready Testimonials - Jenny Moore | Teaching Portfolio

Jon Salas | Account Supervisor | Earned Media | (NYC)

Prof. Moore taught me that communication knows no borders. The only limits we have in our field as communicators is our own fear. Thanks to her guidance I feel comfortable with change, which is necessary in adapting to the ever-changing media industry. I was always interested in communications but I didn’t really know how to leverage my passion. Prof. Moore marks a before and after In my career. Her lessons taught me the importance of having a strategy and to always be tenacious in executing it. Being relentless is a must in our field, and I credit her for fueling my passion from the start.

Career-Ready Testimonials - Jenny Moore | Teaching Portfolio

Rossi Ramirez | Producer at The List TV at The E.W. Scripps Company | (Phoenix, AZ)

I knew since my freshman year of college that I wanted to go into TV production. I
credit Prof. Moore for her internship guidance, mentorship and journalism classes for allowing me to land my first internships and enabling me to be where I am today. https://www.linkedin.com/in/rossi-ramirez-09486794/

Career-Ready Testimonials - Jenny Moore | Teaching Portfolio

Dani Matias | Producer and host for Morning Edition on KUT 90.5 | (Austin, TX)

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated Prof. Moore’s help and mentorship during NPR’s Next Generation Radio Project. She truly helped me become more confident in the field.

Career-Ready Testimonials - Jenny Moore | Teaching Portfolio

Jerry Quijano | On Air Producer at KUT Public Media | (Austin, TX)

I walked into Professor Moore’s class for the first time with a vague interest in storytelling. When I left the newsroom, I was focused on a career in public radio after having worked at two different stations during my time with her. Jenny is a staunch advocate for students to seek out nourishing experiences outside of the classroom. She has no concern for the past; her only focus is ensuring that her students are prepared to work today, and will be ready for what tomorrow throws at them. I’m extremely thankful and grateful that she came into my life. I can say with full confidence that I would not be the person I am without her guidance. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jerryquijano/

Career-Ready Testimonials - Jenny Moore | Teaching Portfolio

Lucia Espino | News Producer, Univision-62 | (Austin, TX)

I knew I wanted to pursue career in communication but Prof. Moore opened my eyes to world of news production. She always encouraged me to take advantage of being bilingual and explore different opportunities available to me. Today, thanks to her guidance, I’m not only someone that works in news, I’m a working journalist.

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