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Internship Spotlights

In My Own Words: Students describe their milestones, challenges and the value of Academic Internships

Administering virtual communication internships during the pandemic is an incredibly worthwhile challenge. We are succeeding, together, thanks to the generosity of professionals who continue to train and mentor our students.

  • Miranda Rasche
    Spring 2021 Mays Center for Experiential Learning & Community Engagement. Mentored by Laura Nygaard
  • Mario Ruiz
    Spring 2021 House of Neighborly Service. Mentored by Susan Albert.
  • Amber Villarreal
    Spring 2021 Refugee Services of Texas. Mentored by Emily Tetsch
  • Jay Moreno
    Spring 2021 San Antonio Current. Mentored by Sanford Nowlin & Kelly Merka Nelson
  • Isabella Rodriguez
    Spring 2021 Enlace Newscast. Mentored by Dr. Vinicio Sinta
  • Brielle Puentes
    Spring 2021 Rush Cycle. Mentored by Valerie Camet
  • David Rojas
    Fall 2020 Univision. Mentored by Antonio Guillen.
  • Solomon Wilson
    Fall 2020 San Antonio African American Community Archive & Museum
  • Brianna Olvera
    Fall 2020 Univision. Mentored by Monica Navarro.
  • Hannah Lopez
    Fall 2020 Millspec Automotive
  • Aseneth Rosado
    Fall 20 Latina Podcasters
  • Sasha Robinson
    Fall 2020 VYPE Media
  • Monica Lopez
    Spring 2020 Urban Bricks Pizza.
  • Gianna Del Giudice
    Spring 2020 Valamayo Social. Mentored by Fernando Tamayo.
  • Mia Garcia
    Spring 2020 University Access at TAMU-San Antonio.
  • Betsy Calderon
    Spring 2020 Univision. Mentored by Moana Ramirez & Team.
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